2018 BGCC Cricket Tour

Mon 6th August to Thurs 9th August

Participants requiring overnight accommodation at The Lindum Lodge Hotel.


1)    Pete & Jane Holdaway  (Mon, Tues, Wed)


2)    Premil & Sandy Torrington & family (Mon Tues)


3)    Roshan & family (Tues, Wed)


4)    Geoff & Janet Saunders (Tues, Wed)


5)    Mark Forge (Mon, Tues, Wed)


6)    Premil’s nephew (Benura?) (Mon, Tues)


Mark & Guy Fisher (Mon, Tues, Wed)


7)    Frank Forge, Jonny Sykes (Mon, Tues, Wed) Oscar Livesey (Mon, Tues)


8)    Nick Heal & Connor Jones (Mon Tues Wed)


9)    Bernie Forge & Ellie Holdaway (Mon Tues Wed)


10)  Rod Reeves, Mike Lilley (Mon, Tues, Wed), Bob Mills (2 nights?)


11)  Ali Hood, Phil Milton (Mon Tues), Jim Butcher (Tues)


12)  Provisional Paul Glazzard, Ed Holdaway, James Riley (Tues, Wed)


Other players travelling down for individual games.

 Meet time on Monday 6th  – 11.30am at the Two Mile Oak Pub.