Landmark Win For Young Colts Team

Those of you who read the report a few weeks ago, covering the┬átie versus Long Ashton, were no doubt excited by the use of the expression ‘landmark’. As we know ‘landmarks’ are points of reference enabling us to monitor the progress of something and as such only come along occasionally. Well, at Barrow Under 13s the landmarks are becoming like London Buses, you wait two seasons for one and two come along at once!


This time, this resilient young team (remember only ONE 13-year-old), recorded a nine wicket win over Portishead at Hobbs Lane the scores being; Portishead 89-5 (20 overs), Barrow Gurney 91-1 (17.4overs). Cameron Bullock 35* Ben Thorne 15*


Without dwelling on individual performances, suffice to say that the members of this team are all playing for one another when batting, bowling or fielding. The encouragement from the fielders to the bowlers is fantastic, with good shouts of support coming at difficult times. The spirit coming from even those who are not taking a prime roll at the moment is admirable. The challenge with batting orders is getting less experienced batsmen to spend time in the middle whilst keeping the team up with run rates, and in the last couple of games against Flax Bourton and Nailsea, the order will have to be tweaked again to try and achieve this.


Coach Pete Holdaway sends his thanks again for the great parental support and also says how nice it is to see some Barrow senior players at last Thursday’s game (no doubt fretting about their place in the first team 5 years from now!!) The next game for this intrepid team is AWAY to FLAX BOURTON Thursday June 30th 5.45pm.

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