Fantasy Cricket – Who Will You Follow In 2019?

With 2 days to go to the start of the cricket season at Hobbs Lane, once again Barrow Gurney is launching a Fantasy Cricket competition so that all members and supporters can get involved in a friendly but competitive way by following all the Barrow teams as they play their way through the 2019 season. All league, friendly and tour fixtures count so identifying who might play and who might not is as important as working out who is good value for money. Whose team will triumph come early September? James Riley and Frank Forge identify some of their “ones to watch” to help you make your selection of players:

Simon Hudson.  “The Cyborg” is inexplicably under priced at a mere £5 million. This amount will give you a man who lives and breathes the sport. A keener bowler I’ve not met and his swashbuckling batting with a swishing Duncan Fearnley is sure to net him even more points. A must buy bargain bowler that you will be happy to have in your squad this year.

Kian Ware at £4M looks like a real steal. Brought to the ‘Bee Gees’ by the Fishers via Congresbury, Kian is keen to make an impression for Barrow. A decent bowler and a quick scoring batsman Kian is an affordable option with a lot of upside and could be a major player in the fantasy market. Another bonus is his fielding with certainly the potential to lead his new club in catches and fielding wickets.

Jon Hood.  This selection could be a real game changer at the all-rounder position. Jon has the potential to score copious amounts of points with his tight bowling that always attacks the stumps, his water tight technique for scoring runs and a safe pair of hands, he could truly score points to rival James Riley if he was still at Barrow this year. The only gamble with this selection is how much will he play. You may need a second player who can stand in for the weeks that Jon is unavailable but overall this could be a brilliant pick for your team in 2019.

At the wicketkeeper position, a really good option could be Ali Hood. Ali has really taken to his new position of opening in the 2’s dominating in the run charts like the Bradman of Division 13. Ali also contributed 7 catches last season which is perhaps surprising due to the calibre of fielding we have seen from him over the years at the Lane. Worth noting however that there are no lost points for drops so if you’re looking for a heavy run scorer who’ll chip in with a few wicketkeeping wickets, look no further than Ali.

Another new player who could be a fantasy sleeper to many of you is Benura. Benura has come to Barrow with great pedigree having played for Bristol Lions. A heavy run scorer and big wicket taker last season, Benura brings the potential of perhaps being the leading fantasy option this season. Though he has an expensive price tag, Benura brings an assurance of being a consistent scorer for any fantasy team. Also a good option to use your triple captain as he has been known to produce a Herculean performance here or there (namely against us last season).

Rod Reeves may seem like a surprise selection but just stop to think. You’ve already got in your first round semi-professional fantasy player, maybe a Frank Forge or even better an Ed Holdaway and your wallet is looking a little light. Who can you rely on to play often yet cost very little? This man is the cornerstone of Sunday cricket for Barrow, similar to AB De Villiers he has his own unique batting style, his own unique fielding style and “please don’t let him bowl” style but the crux of the matter is Rod turns up and delivers. He will score a gritty 23 from 30 overs but that’s 23 more points than you’d get otherwise. You’d struggle to find someone at a cheaper price who will play as much and contribute. A secondary option to this is Steven “Wepl” Webb who for an even cheaper price could show what the crowds have been expecting from him over the last year

To pick your team just click the link on the main menu and register using an email address. Good luck and enjoy the season!

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