Double Wicket Fun Ends Barrow Season

On Sunday Barrow Gurney ended the cricket season in traditional style with a Double Wicket competition.

The sun shone brightly over the beautiful Hobbs Lane ground, making it appear more like mid-summer than September, as 18 players gathered in the morning to eagerly await the draw. This year saw a much greater spread of players, with fewer first teamers available, opening up the chance for some Sunday players and a couple of our promising Under 13s to join in the fun.

The aim was to score as many points as possible, points coming not just from runs scored, but wickets taken, catches held, run outs effected and the special first ball challenge of playing a pre-determined shot to the first ball of the innings (the highlight being Bernie Forge having to try and duck a half volley – fortunately with no ill effects!). Minus points were awarded for dropped catches, dismissals and failing to attempt the first ball challenge. Thus it is virtually impossible to determine who is winning until Jane Holdaway, the scorer (and the only one who understands all the rules) announces her verdict.


As always there was some frenetic running between the wickets, some  Jos Butler-like clean hitting, a lot of mis-fielding, even more sledging, some dreadful deliveries which took wickets and a much-needed break for a barbecue conjured up by Dave Milton.




The final saw James Riley and Luke Glazzard, up against the team comprising both the First and Second Team captains: Phil Milton and Ellie Holdaway. Best of the rest were Mark Fisher and Frank Forge who nearly made it to the final through their policy of taking no risks and losing no wickets.


The final saw a relatively close contest with Luke and James batting well and keeping the scoreboard ticking over, in reply Phil hit a majestic straight six off Riley but the loss of a wicket to a direct hit from the boundary made life difficult. In the end James and Luke ran out clear winners to take the trophy.


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