Barrow Shows Its Support For “It’s In The Bag”

Barrow Gurney CC are proud to be supporting South West charity It’s In the Bag which supports men with testicular cancer and promotes awareness of this condition which affects so many men. It helps people to know how to check for warning signs as it a condition which can be treated effectively if caught early.

Barrow 2nds show support for It’s In The Bag.

When he experienced some discomfort “down below” last summer, Mark Gracey, never imagined that he had cancer. As a typical man he was reluctant to get himself checked out, but, thankfully, he did so and received the awful news before Christmas. After an anxious few months, radiotherapy and large dose of chemotherapy, Mark is now well on the way to a full recovery. Incredibly he was even able to take his rightful place in Barrow 2nds in the first game of the season (scoring a feisty 31), even if he had to move a little gingerly in the field.

Understandably Mark wants to help others who have suffered the same diagnosis and more importantly get his teammates and others to take steps to check themselves so that the condition can be treated early. He is raising funds for It’s In The Bag by selling wrist bands. Barrow Gurney CC have adopted the cause and are supporting Mark’s efforts which have already raised over £100.

Mark Gracey who has drawn on his personal experiences to start the fundraising effort

If you are visiting Barrow to play or watch, then why not make a contribution or do so direct by visiting (which also has details how to check yourself out). Or follow the charity on twitter @ItsInTheBag

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