Barrow Players Find Winter Pursuit

What do Barrow Gurney cricketers do in the long, dark, winter months? Well this year they are trying their hand at football! But they cannot yet decide whether 5-a-side or 7-a-side suits them best as Frank Forge reports:

So BGCC have ventured into football to mixed success so far. Firstly, the team name was a tough one to pick finally sticking with the 5 a side staple of ‘Is Your Motherwell?’ 

Barrow’s football pathfinders: Back: Ed Holdaway, Ali Hood, Jonny Sykes, Dan Tallamy,
Front: Frank Forge, Nick Heal

Our first 5 a side game was a 9-1 loss at the San Siro to UKFC, a rude awakening to our footballing journey. Our first time playing together brought little in terms of co-ordination and communication however the story may have been very different if they didn’t have the second coming of Gordon Banks in goal. A large number of saves from their goalie and some shoddy defending and keeping ultimately cost us.

Second week (again at the San Siro) and a more positive attitude and more belief against top of the league Crisps FC. Our communication improved, and standards, however another drubbing ensued- a 15-6 loss. Goals for Frank, Ed (Holdaway, Jonny (Sykes) and Dan (Tallamy) (sorry if I’ve missed anyone) and some good saves from Nick (Heal) our new number 1 meant it was right going into the second half. Unfortunately, a crazy 5 minutes put us out the game.

With the team dejected and many calling for the skipper’s head (seem I’m always to blame in the cricket and football season) we needed a result. We turned to 7 a side to see if we’d have any more luck this time taking on the might of Zlewber Eats. Turns out this was more our game! With what could only be described as a cagey first half ending 0-0 with the highlight being a 1 on 1 save from Frank (our 3rd goalie in 3 weeks) and a scoop turn from Leo (Brace) to put him in before then skying it.

A bit of belief in the halftime team talk and with our 2-3-1 formation doing wonders we entered the second half a new side. Goals from CJ (Connor Jones), Dan, Guy (Fisher) (and A.N other) with none conceded meant we were 4-0 winners. To note we did play largely along the floor unless Kieran (Owen)  was on the ball who didn’t mind lumping it up to 6ft 7 Jonny to knock down. Unfortunately, this was rather effective so I think the football may get less attractive from here on in.


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