Barrow Fantasy Cricket League Launched

Last year Barrow Gurney’s Fantasy League was dominated by teams managed by the Rileys and the Fishers, but who will win the coveted prize this year?

Top points scorer, James Riley has confirmed his availability for the 2018 season, but with only £35 million to spend, and a price-tag of £11 million can you afford him? This year it is possible to select up to 3 batters, 3 bowlers, 2 all rounders and a keeper. Who will play? Will Frank Forge, Oscar Livesey and Ellie Holdaway continue to be top wicket takers with the esteemed Riley. Would you be better off selecting more players who may accumulate points consistently through the year but are cheaper to buy? Who will play in which teams and who will make the big scores this year?

It is only £10 per team to take part (or 3 teams for £20), with one free transfer each week after teams have been announced. Click the link for full details and to register your team now. Payment to be made to Ali Hood before 1st July. Payment details can be provided by contacting the website after registration.

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